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Our company is located in Taipei Taiwan.

We make amazing machine for designers to use- "Kraftmaker 3D printer" Print with more possibilities KRAFTMAKER 3D printer designed ,patented and made in Taiwan with high quality and precision, offers the improved teaching and service supports.
● High temperature nozzle means Nozzle Temperature up to 450 ℃
● more filament choices, ABS, PLA, PVA, PA, PVA. HIPS, PC., PE, PET, PHA, Copper fill ,brass fill, sus fill , carbon fill , wood fill ,TPE,TPU…
● Stable & High XYZ Axis Performance lead screw, Provide a stable high-speed and precision machine
● Your optimized industrial mockup solution
User friendly functions, more applications for 3D printing, and more fun! We are the right choice for you.

main business
HWC main business is to popularize the KRAFTMAKER 3D printer. Our service include design, engineering , manufacturing of 3D printer's, materials and accessories.